PSS Software Solutions

KLG built upon its decade long experience providing solutions in design, analysis simulation and operation for Industrial Power Systems. Today, all major engineering and plant operators in India are solution users.

ETAP PowerStation from OTI Inc. USA
A Tool for Power System Design & Analysis

  • Overview
  • Base Module
  • Load Flow
  • Motor Starting
  • Transient Stability
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Relay Co-ordination (ETAP STAR)
  • Cable Ampacity derating
  • Ground Grid Design
  • Un-Balance Load Flow
  • Optimal Capacitor Placement
  • Data Exchange
  • Transformer Tag Optimization
  • Underground Raceway System
  • Cable Sizing & Ampacity Calc
  • Unit Tranformer Sizing
  • Cable Pulling
  • Optimal Power Flow
  • Generator Start -up
  • DC Load Flow & Short Circuit
  • Parameter Estimation / Torque Slip
  • Panel Systems
  • Reliability Assessment
  • Transmission Line Sag & Ampacity Cal
  • HVDC Systems
  • User Defined Dynamic Model



  • PSMS – Power System Moitoring & Simulation
  • EMS – Energy Management Systems
  • ILS – Intelligent Load Shedding
  • ARTTS – Advance Relay Testing & Trasinet Simulator

PSCAD/EMTDC from Manitoba HVDC Research centre, USA
A professional’s tool for Electromagnetic Transient Simulation. It is a simulator of electrical networks with the capability of modeling complex power electronics, controls and non-linear networks, which includes HVDC, SVC, and other FACTS devices.

CMPIC from CLOUDIS Ltd, Runcorn, Cheshire, UK
Configuration Managed Project Intergrated Cabling is a sophisticated application for the management of calbes, covering all the aspectes of cables from design through to testing. It covers cable routing, device scheduling, cable scheduling, cable drumming, change management etc.

  • Design Module
  • Production Module

SPARD from Energy Computer Systems, Columbia
A tool for optimizing the distribution networks starting from the Sub-station to the customer meter and it is a solution for GIS, planning, management and optimization of the distribution network. It covers all the elements of the primary (medium voltage) and secondary (low voltage) network including street lights.

Electrical Designer from Aceri, Spain
An AutoCAD based electrical software for Schematics, PLC drawing and data Management and BOM in electrical engineering design

  • ED PRO

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