Measure, Visualise, Analyse, Control and Save Electricity,
in real time, anywhere, anytime – across the enterprise –

The world is facing a severe crisis brought on by the conflict between methods of production and consumption of energy, and the resultant impact carbon dioxide emissions are having on the environment.

KLG Systel is in complete agreement with governments, international energy bodies and organizations working in power on the need for clean fuel and sustainable energy development. In fact this need for sustainable energy served as the catalyst for the realization of KLG Systel’s vision – will enable the creation of an intelligent network that will pool dispersed and diverse resources and build a power generation, transmission and distribution network that is flexible, accessible, reliable and economical; a network that communicates and is in synergy with nature.

Initiatives on concepts like Intelligrid of USA and SmartGrid of EU are falling in place with a mission of providing energy to support the future needs of civilization. connectgaia is the only realization of this concept. The connectgaia solution being accessible through the web is available worldwide and not restricted to any geographical area. is a solution developed on technology from world leaders such as IBM. It is built on top of IBM’s proven and tested communication protocols, database and middleware technologies. The solution is supported by an effective backend CRM system to empower all stakeholders in collaborating with each other for resolving the concerns being faced by the world in this energy crisis.

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