Power Systems

KLG Business Model (India, Asia and Developing Countries)

Highlight – India

  • 30% to 50% loss of power in distribution sector total of 30,000 MW costing US$ 10 Billion in cash loss and another US$ 20 Billion in residual losses
  • Cost of new 30,000 MW capacity – US$ 30 Billion, Cost of additional transmission & distribution system – US$ 20 Billion. Total investment US$ 50 Billion, time taken 3-6 years
  • Information and Automation expenditure of US$ 50 per consumer for 100 million consumers can result in savings of 15,000MW at a cost of US$ 5 Billion in 1.5 to 2 years
  • Government of India actively pursuing this route
  • KLG has worked with 3 Million consumers of 8 utilities in India for past 5 years in the areas of and shown reduction of 3% to 5% losses
  • KLG has developed proprietary hardware and software technology SG61 backed by 9 patents (applied for) which has business potential of US$ 10 Billion in developing countries
  • KLG has teamed up with Autodesk, IBM, Singapore Technologies to use their core technologies and hardware
  • KLG has developed its application on IBM software and is only premier ISV for utilities in India
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