Enterprise Project Management

As the operating canvas of organisations continues to grow and moves towards the global arena, large projects with potential of high returns are becoming a reality. At the same time, organisations are also getting exposed to the dangerous outcomes of ineffectively managed projects that can impact the financial infrastructure of not just the project but the entire enterprise.

Some of the important project management challenges in today’s scenario are:

  • Size and value of projects – Growing
  • Large number of projects at the same time
  • Increasing Sub-Contracting
  • Time and Budget pressure
  • Quality
  • Accurate Estimating
  • Repeatability of similar projects
  • Government Compliance
  • Resource Optimization
  • Project Collaboration across many functions
  • Contract Management
  • Proper closure of projects

An effective Enterprise Project Management solution today therefore should be able to make the difference between on-time on-budget efforts and delayed over budget projects.

KLG provides Enterprise Project Management solutions that bring together the disciplines of strategic planning and project management, and provide a framework for effectively managing both the resources and the tactical plans for projects. The portfolio of Solutions includes end to end solutions ranging from consulting, solution customisation, solution deployment, user acceptance and training to support and maintenance.

KLG provides EPM Solution for the following segments:

  • Infrastruture
  • Engineering & Construction Industries
  • Maintenance & Turnaround
  • IT & Software Development
  • New Product Development
  • Professional Services

All major government, public and private projects use solutions from KLG. KLG has developed significant IP in terms of developing a web based Enterprise Project Management System using best practices provided by Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Areas. KLG also works with PMI to train project participants in India. KLG has academies in 5 cities to provide training and support for Enterprise Project Management.

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