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In this age of changing consumer demand, organizations need to ‘smartly’ factor in demand spikes in their supply chain plans. These solutions use artificial intelligence to analyse historical sales data to predict future demand. It can cope with complex, dynamic environments and non-linear patterns of business that are essential to scientifically solve business problems with high levels of accuracy. When economic, social and political situations are in constant flux, these solutions are in a position to see the most beneficial method in the ever dynamic market environment and prove to be the most cost-effective enterprise-wide supply chain optimization solutions.

KLG has put together a basket of solutions, a result of in-house R&D; and Strategic Alliances, that cater to special needs of Enterprises like the Supply Chain Optimisation software called ‘Chaos’, emerging technologies of RFID, technology for ‘retailing solutions, and SAP Business One.

Supply Chain

KLG has expertise in proven track record in delivering powerful business solution through Supply Chain Optimization & integration with other enterprise applications, etc. KLG’s value proposition in supply chain management include
Strategic consulting and handholding from Business Problem Definition stage.

  • End-to-end, holistic view of the Supply Chain
  • Domain knowledge embedded approach
    • Enterprise Supply chain pre-modeled components
    • Rapid Application Deployment
    • Built-in flexibility to provide unique solutions to business optimization problems
  • Backward integration to corporate databases
  • Effective application of enterprise systems to distinguish between form and function of transactional IT and analytical IT.
SAP Business One

SAP has partnered with KLG to develop application templates using SAP
Business One platform to provide solutions for the following sectors:

  • Infrastructure: KLG is developing an application template for EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction ) companies. This application shall provide a unified solution comprising ERP, project management, scheduling, estimation, bidding and contract management. KLG foresees a large market in the Indian sub-continent for such an application.
  • Manufacturing: The application template is being developed by integrating automation and manufacturing execution systems for food, pharma and metal industries.
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

KLG also has end to end solution capability to perform every step of RFID implementation including Operations / Systems Analysis, RF Profiling, Tag / Reader Selection, Infrastructure & Controls, Implementation, Validation, Local & Remote Data Management, Deployment, Training, Technical Support and ROI & Operational Verification. KLG partners with a wide range of industry leaders – like Verisign, Microsoft, Oracle, Intermec & Sato – to develop totally integrated solutions.

Retail Solutions

Retail industry in India is moving from small stores to large malls owned by corporate houses. KLG offers a complete Retail Solution in terms of the ePOS (Point of Sale software) and the standard POS hardware like Barcode Scanners, Printers, Touch screens, card reader, cash drawers and other devices.
KLG Systel has partnered with IBM and Sage ACCPAC to provide retail solutions.

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