Earth Science Solutions

KLG provides software solutions & services for various projects in Earth Sciences.

Field Survey/ Physical land terrain prototyping
KLG provides solutions from Trimble for field survey & data collection. Survey professional use differential base station and GPS handheld with field software for data collection.
Data is post processed for centimeter level accuracy. This is used to generate Triangulated Irregular networks(TIN) models, contours & digital terrain models.
3D land terrain profiles are used to prepare physical prototypes of land terrain using Rapid Prototyping Solutions. These prototypes are used for various purposes such as:
1. Infrastructure Planning.
2. Watershed Analysis.
3. Route Planning.
4. Cut & Fill Applications.

Image Processing
KLG SYSTEL provides image processing solutions to analyse various land use and coverage data. Satellite images are also used to create vector maps.

Map Creation/ GIS
Maps are created from GPS data, satellite images and digitization of survey maps. Spatial data is attached to the maps. Customer specific applications are developed on generic GIS software for deployment.

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