Automation & Manufacturing

A variety of market trends are driving manufacturers toward the next generation of automation and manufacturing solutions. Producing the right product at the right-quality, right-price and at the right-time to meet market needs remains among the most essential need of any company.¬†However, each of these measures of what is “right” has ever-higher benchmarks. Customers are now demanding shorter lead times, customized products, and better quality, while comparing prices freely. The Internet empowers customers with more information for negotiation.

The agility to accurately promise and quickly deliver increasingly customized products or new products requires synchronization across a broad scope of manufacturing activities performed by multiple organizations.

KLG now offers integrated solution for Industrial Automation and Supply Chain Planning and Optimization. KLG Manufacturing Execution System provides complete solutions to analyze the data captured from a wide variety of data sources over multiple sensors, plant organization – to improve uniformity, increase yields, maximize productivity and decrease maintenance costs. KLG assists the customers to achieve these goals by delivering information and analysis tools that organize and deliver plant intelligence, which is accessible throughout the organization – from the ‘Sensor-to-Boardroom’. As a result, the organizations are able to make better-informed decisions about their business.

Real-time production information enables and empowers the decision makers thru web based dashboards and seamless flow of information between ERP systems.

KLG works closely with Wonderware a division of Invensys PLC, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and SAP to deliver solutions.

KLG integrates diverse Automation Platforms from ABB, Allen Bradley, Areva, Foxbro, Honeywell, Siemens, Yokogawa and Sensor Manufacturers.

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