Investor Relations

In the last 12 years, since it began active operations, KLG has developed significant expertise and a loyal customer base in life cycle solutions.

With a turnover of over Rs. 1211.00 Million in 2006-07 and about 240 employees, the productivity per individual is approximately Rs. 5.05 Million. Since KLG works only in the domestic sector this is far higher than the benchmarked standards of the Indian IT industry at Rs. 1.00 Million.

Based on its knowledge base, domain expertise in specific verticals KLG continues to leverage its existing resources and relationships. The company is expanding its portfolio of offerings in specific verticals continuously with a view to enable its SBU’s to address a wider spectrum of market opportunities.

The company has raised US$22 Million by issue of Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds, convertible into equity shares at an initial conversion price of Rs. 400/- per share. Issue closed on March 26, 2007. Goldman Sachs International has fully subscribed the issue of US$ 22 Million. FCCBs are listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

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