How To Gain Quality Backlinks

Gaining quality backlinks is an art form. One of the most difficult jobs you will probably find within the internet world and something that takes an incredible amount of hard work and dedication. So let’s start off by understanding what you are aiming to achieve.


In my experience this is something that you would have found to have worked very well 10 years ago and it is something that will work just as well today. Though your about to find out how difficult this is. Basically the aim of the game is to get your backlink on as most high authority websites in your niche. Sound’s hard right? Well it really is and one link could take month’s of work! This sounds very much like hard work but unfortunately hard work and determination is what works when it comes to most things. Guess what, the internet is absolutely no different. So let’s get started, how can you achieve this?


This is your least effective way to go, though it will not hurt getting some very high quality blog comments from websites in your same niche. This of coarse works best if you become a regular follower to the blog you are looking for a blog comment link on. Your comments have to have substance, this is not spam and get it out there. This is work hard and give fulfilling useful insight for other readers to see your opinion on a post. This will again gain trust from other readers and show that you know what you are talking about with in your niche.


This is one of the highest quality natural links you can obtain when you work hard to get it. Not only this you can gain real visitors from these links when done right. You need to gain trust and become an important member of the community. The quickest way to a ban will be placing your link in your signature as soon as you’ve joined the site and not even posting. This will not give you much effect. You need to gain I would roughly say any where between 50 – 100 useful posts before even considering letting other members know you have a website. You want to look as if this was a secondary reason for joining the community and it wasn’t your initial intention. You will reap the benefits if you do this right. There are different method’s you can use though these two methods are the most popular platforms which you are able to join in and eventually work your website link in.


The same way you would like your site to be found, through Google. You need to search within your niche and start building up a list of websites you are going to work on and target. Before adding a forum or blog to your list start to do some research. So on a blog have a look if you can see people having links within comments. Usually you will find within comments people’s names are actually links to other websites. Depending on your internet browser, right click and inspect the element and look to see if the links have the rel=”nofollow” tag within the link. Do not go for all the do follow platforms this looks very unnatural so get a good mix of both. Again with forums have a look at people’s signatures and see if they allow links.

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