How to do net work marketing at the mall

I had to go to the big city to get my MacBook Pro checked out.I was having problems with the search bar not coming down.I have a pro account with Jaaxy and I want to get a return on my dollar.
Kyle and Carson made some suggestions but they weren’t the answer so I thought I better get it checked out from my end.

I stopped at the Apple store and got on the list.I had about an hour and a half. So I do what I always do when I have time at the mall,I head to the nearby guitar shop.I’m on the string club that discounts strings once a month.I took care of that then proceeded to the acoustic room to play on some of their guitars.

There were two old grey beards, not unlike myself checking out guitars with the idea of buying . They found a sweet one that sounded good for under $500. We Talked and jammed a little and I told them I was building a website to help newbies play guitar without spending a lot of money.Since they were both good guitar players and thrifty,
they liked the idea.I gave them each one of my newly aquired business cards and proceeded back to the Apple store.
The best way to get to the Apple store,in the mall is to go through the food court.
I was hungry but the desire to get my Mac fixed, was stronger.As I walked through the food court the various venders were serving samples. I tasted chicken from the Japanese restaurant,very good.I sampled teriachy chicken ,and some barbecue beef.

When I came to a yuro restaurant I got a sample of chicken and beef yuro.
It was good and the guy that gave me the sample was very persuasive ; that I should get a sandwhich.I told him I was full of samples and that what he offered was compelling but I had to go.

I realised he was a good salesmen and I told him so.I said,”have you ever thought of having your own website”? Well he had never thought of that and said his buddy was a graphic artist. I said that a website would be good for him but what are you interested in.He said food,He liked all kinds of cooking.I said you need a website to share what you Know ,and gave him my business card.

I proceeded to the Apple store. After a wait I got with a technition. We talked while he worked on my Mac to clean it up.He upgraded chrome and got things working right.
I said,”i’ll bet when you get home you don’t even want to look at a computer.” He said, “thats right.” I then told him I was in the process of building a couple of web
sites. He said,”I never thought of doing that.” Well I said, “you would be very good at it.”

I gave him my card and told him that I was hungry and needed something to eat.
I went back to the Yuro sandwhich shop and got a beef yuro and reconnected with the salesmen.

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