How to Create Better Relationships in Your Life

Hello there! Create better relationships in your life can be something hard. Everyone is different, so it can be difficult to move on from your differences and create lasting and real relationships. Communication is the most important part of a relationship, even when this is an old one. There are somethings you can do – and say – to help create better relationships and make the older ones stronger.

That’s what you want, right?

So, keep reading, think about what I’m telling you – or don’t think at all, that’s OK too – and just put this tips on practice!

I’ve realized that, the most time you know someone, the harder it gets to ask something nicely. And I’m thinking about my sister, I can’t remember that last time she said please to me. You can probably relate to this. Maybe not your sister, but someone that’s been in your life for so long, that they forgot about being polite (for more about how to be more polite, check out this post!). The thing is, they are not the only ones that do that. We do it all the time. If you’re thinking “No, I don’t!”… You’re probably wrong. Sorry, but we usually don’t realize when we demand things, instead of actually ask for them. This once or twice it’s OK. It can happen. Now, every time… Trust me, the person you are giving orders hates you right now. Oh, and if you think that because the person you give order to is actually your employe you can give them orders… You’re wrong again. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect. Even when you pay them to do what you say.

If you can ask for things nicely, you can probably be thankful for what people do for you. Specially when is for something that you didn’t expect – yes, even if they’ve messed up, if someone does something for you with your best interest in mind, you should be thankful. Also, be thankful for everything you in your life, everyone that makes you happy. Be thankful for the things you’re not so happy about. If you have to change your circumstances, change them, but be grateful for them anyway, after all, they’re what makes you who you are. And that’s a great thing. Be thankful for who you are, Your differences are what makes you the person you are. Appreciate what you have, even when you want more or better, and know when to stop and when you’ve finally achieved what you wanted and deserved. For more things to be thankful about, you have this post!

I’m really messed up on this one. But is something I’m trying to change. The people in your life has the right to know your feelings, and you own to yourself the effort to create better relationships by sharing your feelings. If someone hurts you or do something you don’t like or don’t feel comfortable with, you have the right of being mad, but you also have to be able to explain why you’re mad. Most of the time, people hurts you without realizing. You need to give them a chance to make amends. On other cases, it’s hard to tell someone you love them. Showing sometimes is not enough. Specially if your relationship lasts for a long time. You don’t have to be afraid to talk about how you feel. It doesn’t matter what you feel, what really matters is that you can be honest with yourself and others and express your feelings.

One of my best friends recently started to work in a new place. Her sister keeps telling her that she’ll be unemployed by the end of summer. To create better relationships, you have to support the people you care about. Tell them that everything will be ok, motivate them. Inspire them to follow their dreams – even when they seem crazy. So, when someone in your life tells you that they have an interview, tell them that everything is going to be ok. Tell them that they’ll get the job. Even when the work environment isn’t the best, if they really need the job – like my friend, that has a beautiful two years old little girl -, tell them that things will get better. Because they will. Most people already has a lot of people pulling them down. You need to do the opposite. Give hope. Inspire the people in your life to follow their dream.

Just like you are supposed to inspire the people in your life, you’re also supposed to celebrate with them the wins. Even the small ones. Be as happy as if you’re the one winning. Your happiness should come when someone you care about achieve something they ever dreamed about, even if you haven’t got there yet. If they don’t want to celebrate, show them how important it is what they’ve done. The small wins are what make a big one. They need to be celebrated. Even if it is with a simple cupcake (how can a cupcake be something simple?) No matter how you do it, just celebrate. And what if they don’t win? Well, encourage them to keep trying. That’s the only way to get where you wanna be.

To create better relationships with the people in your life – or new ones -, it’s important that you tell them what you like about them, or when they do something that you like. Think about when you go to your parents and your mom makes your favorite dish. Do you tell her how good it is? Be honest about the compliments you give. Be real. Don’t exaggerate. People will think you want something from them. Telling people what you like about them, or appreciating them when they do something for you, makes them happy, and when you make people you create better relationships. Right now, I’m thinking about the most amazing dark brown eyes I’ve ever seen.

You own it, to you and to everyone around you to be honest. This is what makes you the person you are. You have to tell your opinions, express your thoughts and feelings and stand up for yourself. Even if this is hard for you to do. You just have to remember of respecting the people that surrounds you while you do it. If someone wants you to do something and you don’t feel like doing it, just say NO. If you don’t like something, say it – but remember you have to be cautious with other people feelings. Be honest to yourself and don’t be afraid to admit what you want and fight for it. Don’t worry about what others think about you  and live your life the way you really want.

You need to be able of recognize when you do or say something wrong and apologize. It’s a matter of respect, for yourself and for the people that surrounds you. I know sometimes isn’t easy to apologize, specially when we made a big mistake and pride comes in the way. But it’s important that you manage to find a way to make amends with the people in your life. And the best part is that if you can do this, you will actually create stronger relationships. Remember that everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone has the courage to ask for forgiveness. You need to be different, you need to respect the people you want to keep in your life and make your wrongs right.

We are all different from our neighbours, our friends, our family and everyone around us. It’s important that we manage to create better relationships with them.

This will make your life soooo much easier!

Those are just some easy tips for you to follow to create better relationships in your life. Tell me what you think about this subject in the comments section below!

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