How to Create a Counter-Strike Server on Linux

Files Needed:
The newest Half-Life Dedicated Server example: hlds_l_3111.full.bin
The newest Counter-Strike Linux Port example:cs_15_full.tar.gz

Setting Up Half-Life Dedicated Server

Login as root. When you are logged in, type cd / , this will send you to the top directory. Lets then create a directory named hlds by typing mkdir hlds into the command prompt. Download the Half-Life Dedicated Server into this directory. After you have downloaded the file, we have to type chmod a+x hlds_l_3111_full.bin and then we have to execute the .bin file by typing ./hlds_l_3111.bin , this will give you a EULA and then it will create for you a TAR file. Now lets untar it by typing tar zxvf hlds_l_3111.tar.gz This should create a folder hlds_l and install all of the Dedicated Server in it. Lets now change directory to it by typing cd hlds_l


Now that we are in this folder, lets download the Counter-Strike for Linux in this directory. It is going to be a tar file so we have to type tar zxvf cs_15_full.tar.gz The file will create a directory cstrike and all the files that you extracted will be installed into this

Starting the Server:

Yes, we are almost done. You should still be in the hlds_l folder. Now everytime you want to start your server you will have to be here. You must type this into your command prompt to start it:
./hlds_run -game cstrtike +maxplayers <numberofplayers> +maps <specifymap>
Omit the arrows and input the desired fields. After you input this, push enter and your server should start. Here is an example of the server starting:
Auto-restarting the server on crash
Console initialized.
Protocol version 46
Exe version
Exe build: 21:44:58 Jun 5 2003 (2415)
WON Auth Server
Server IP address
Downloading Security Module from Speakeasy.net …
Completed downloading Security Module from Speakeasy.net
Server is in Secure Mode.
This is an example of how my server looks like when it starts. In order for this to be broadcasted online, you must see the WON Auth Server, this tells us that it is online by using the Won Authentication Server. Your server is now up and running!!
Q:I can’t get any one in my server except on LAN. Why?
o you happen to have a router? This is one of the most reason why people can’t get into your server. We must enable the port fowarding on your router. In this example I have a Linksys router. In order for me to get into its settings, I have to enter the default gateway into a browser. You can check your default gateway by going to the Start button on Windows and click Run. Then type winipcfg and push enter. Select your Network Card from the pop down box and look for your default gateway. My default gateway is and it varies on each router. This is not your computers IP! So once you get your default gateways IP enter it into your web browser. It will ask for a user name and password. You should know this from your users manual that came with your router. For Linksys, the password is admin and there is no user name. Once you get into your routers settings, go to the fowarding tabs. In Linksys, you have to click advanced and then you will see fowarding. This is how my settings for Linksys is:
Name: Ext. Port Protocol IP Address: Enable: cstrike 27015 to 27015 UDP Servers LAN IP Yes cstrike 27010 to 27010 UDP Servers LAN IP Yes cstrike 7002 to 7002 TCP Servers LAN IP Yes cstrike 6003 to 6003 TCP Servers LAN IP Yes Q:Some people can get in, and others can’t because of past cheating violations. Why?
A:This is because Secure Mode is on. Secure mode just means that if a person has had past cheating violations, they cannot join Secure Mode Servers until a certain date and because of this, they will get kicked. You can toggle this on or off, but why would you want cheaters on your server ?
If you still have questions, please refer to the reference before emailing me. This guide helped me a lot in writing this tutorial and setting up my own server and it should answer any question that you may have. Hope that this helped, enjoy your new Counter-Strike server
Thanks for reading!
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