How to choose your WordPress hosting company

How do you choose your hosting company? Well, before we go that far, let’s look at the big question putting hosting aside, “What do you want to do?” Here, we want to install WordPress so we can be famous and make money on the site. So, let’s place the focus there.

At it’s most basic level, WordPress is software, so we will need to install it at some point. Here is where it can get tricky. Installing software for a website is not as easy as installing software on your home computer. That brings us to Step 1.

Step 1: Choose a hosting company that can install WordPress for you!

Why is this important? Well, whether you’re a techie or not, installations can be tricky. Why? Well, you have to handle things like setting up an ftp account, getting ftp software, if you don’t have it already, downloading WordPress, uploading WordPress, and making directory permission changes on the server (if you the hosting company will let you). Yikes. Think about it, have you ever spent an hour or so installing software just so you could complete a 5 minute task? This may easily become one of those scenarios. Well, the good thing is, some hosting companies offer WordPress installations for free. And, a lot of these installations can be done with a couple of clicks. So, in my opinion, choose a hosting company that will make your installation easy. This will save you a tremdendous amount of time and frustration. Spend your time blogging instead. This brings us to Step number 2.

Step 2: How much hosting do you need?

Chances are you are creating one of your first blogs. If this is the case, you don’t need a high powered expensive hosting solution. Sure, we all have big dreams. But, in the beginning, we need to start off small. If your blog grows in size, hosting companies are more than happy to give you more high powered hosting any time you want it. There are a couple of inexpensive and easy solutions for beginners. Here are a couple of questions that may help you make your final decision.

A: Is your budget $0? If so, try creating a free WordPress blog at wordpress.com.
B: Do you want your own domain name, but don’t want to worry about hosting? You can do this. Depending on where you bought your domain name, you may recieve free hosting. Look for this option. Also, don’t forget, nothing is free, expect to see some advertising on your site.
C: Do you want your own site? Without advertising banners? You can do this for less than $50 a year. You can buy a domain name for about $10 and pay monthly hosting ranging from $2-$5 a month!

Step 3: Choose a well known company.

Find a well known company that sells both hosting and domain names and research it through Google. A good Google keyword would be “Installing WordPress on [xyz].” Take at least 10 minutes to research the company, then make your decision. Personally, I would go with WordPress.org, GoDaddy, or 1and1.com.

In summary, you can have a WordPress blog setup within an hour and spend less than $50 a year. There aren’t any excuses to keep you away. Go for it!

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