Grand Theft Auto V: Repossession Walkthrough

There is no respite in Grand Theft Auto V, as Simeon will contact Franklin very immediately after your first mission to give him a fresh list of repo cars. To begin, go to the map, click the S symbol to create a direct path to Simeon, and then get inside Franklin’s car. When you get to the dealership, Simeon will give you your assignment, along with some colorful comments that will annoy Franklin and Lamar, and the mission will begin.

– Assume control of your car. Allow Lamar to catch up with you, since he will be accompanying you on your trip.
– Locate Vespucci Beach on your chart. Maintain a steady speed throughout the route, since there are a few hairpin curves and many high-traffic sections. Franklin’s singular ability is very advantageous.
– It’s a good idea to follow Lamar into the back alley and over the fence. To avoid being spotted, stroll beside him the whole way.
– Examine the three garages that line the alley. One is empty, another is filled with an item, and the third, biggest garage begins a cut scene.
– Pick up the gun Lamar drops and equip it with L1 or LB when the firing starts.
– Take cover on the side of the garage and eliminate the first few guys on your right. Continue shooting through the alley opposite Lamar until the coast is clear. On the deck, you’ll soon find a Shotgun. While the bulk of the thugs remain at a safe distance, you’ll enjoy this pistol’s ability to engage in close battle.
– Completely eliminate the thugs on the rooftops, then follow the fuel trail left behind by the departing vehicle along the alley to eliminate the remaining thugs.
– The rider of the bike you’re looking for would flee. Retrace your steps back to your car by leaping over the fence.
– The moment has come for a high-speed pursuit through town. Join the guy on the bike as he navigates the streets using the map, seizing the rare chance to make up for lost time by turning tight curves and spinning through traffic at near-reckless speeds. Extend the antenna to view your path and pursue him away.
Obviously, catching the man on the motorbike is the most difficult part of the job, since you must destroy him while the machine is moving. Not only that, but the game also requires you to master a new skill. Those in a hurry will be pleased to discover that there are two routes to take in order to complete this quest. The first option is to follow the game’s instructions and aim from the car at the bike’s rider. Using Franklin’s unique ability to stop time, you’ll find yourself next to the man and in a less crowded lane. Take out your handgun by pressing the Y or Triangle buttons and shooting the biker with the appropriate control stick. If you’ve already struck him, the hunt is effectively over. It’s a flowing step that’s very simple to pick up with practice, but difficult to perfect on the first try. The second option is to ram the motorbike rider directly. He’s very vulnerable, and all it takes is a solid knock to knock him off his feet and knock him down. This may cause some damage to the bike, but in the context of a 100 percent sprint, it is irrelevant.

Once you’ve dealt with the guy in every way possible, get back on the bike and return it to the dealership. You may encounter legal difficulties along the route, but the motorbike makes evading the police long enough to avoid single star status a snap. Utilize your special ability to the fullest extent possible here, since Franklin is just as awkward on the bike as its former owner. You’ll be leaping off it with a single solid whack.

Accompanied with a gold star

Time – Complete the assignment in less than 6:30 minutes. The hardest part would be catching the bike. If you’re quick, you’ll be able to wash him out with your vehicle; if you’re late, you’ll have to fire him.

In Trail Blazer, shoot the oil track. It’s very simple.

Headshots – Kill six opponents with headshots. While this is not implausible, you should avoid excessive reliance on auto target. It’s preferable to target the men firing from above with headshots; the guys hiding behind ground barriers dive too much to be effective targets.

Accuracy – Achieve an accuracy score of at least 70%. It’s not difficult with auto focus, but it becomes more complex if you’re also searching for headshots. With the pistol, keep things simple.

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