Falling for Fall

I am THRILLED that Fall is here. Here are ten reasons why…

1. Franco Sarto Brown Suede Knee High Boots. I love these little gems that are not actually so little. These boots are the reason I moves back to New England from Palm Springs, CA. You just have no reason to wear such things in the desert. I missed them and longed for them, so I returned home. I could live in these boots… they’re comfortable, make me a little taller and wicked sexay. Also, I got them at DSW so they did not break the bank. They get better with time and this fall should be glorious.

2. Cowgirl Boots. Oh, more boots? Sorry… while living in aforementioned desert, I took a trip to Scottsdale, AZ and purchased my Justin’s at Saba’s. When not living in my other boots, I live in these. They’re just too darn hot to wear in the summer; otherwise I would surely wear them year-round.

3. Pumpkin Flavored Everything. Everything tastes better as a pumpkin. Coffee. Muffins. Pie. Ravioli. Beer. Ice cream. If it weren’t for all things pumpkin, I would definitely not gain 15 pounds every winter, but ya know what… such is life.

4. Sweaters. Cable knit, argyle, angora, wool (although, who really likes wool?), gray, black, brown, green, tan. I love sweaters and I love sweater colors. For whatever reason, pink is just much more wearable when it’s a sweater. Pink t-shirts are so three-years-old.

5. Sayonara Event Season. Who am I kidding, we’re always in event season but the very early fall brings two of our largest events together, just weeks apart. So, while fall being here means muti-event-insanity, it also means that multi-event-insanity will end soon… until winter…

6. Moving. This fall we are MOVING! Currently we rent a teeny apartment with no outdoor living space and horrible landlord communication. As of November 1st we will be residing in a really cute 2 bedroom house, complete with grass, a porch, a clubhouse (I’m not kidding, there are two houses on this property) and BEACH ACCESS! YES! Oh, and did I mention we’re MOVING!

7. Baby Brother Returns. Fall inevitably means that the holidays are fast approaching, which in turn means my baby brother (who’s really not a baby) will be coming home, from North Carolina, for a short visit. Perhaps he can move into our new second bedroom and all this multi-state living nonsense can cease.

8. Leaves. There’s nothing I love more about where we live than changing leaves. The raking of the leaves I can do without (which is why I have a husband), but just like a child, I still love to collect a perfect leaf in every color.

9. Dark Hair. The fall means it is officially time to rid myself of the blonde. You can’t be this kind of brunette in the summer, it just wouldn’t work, but in the fall feel free to go crazy. And by crazy, I mean brunette. Just brunette. Put that blue hair dye down!

10. Family. I don’t know why this is, but for some reason I see my family (aunts, uncles, cousins) a heck of a lot more in the fall/winter. Perhaps that’s because of the holidays and plethora of fall/winter birthdays in our family, but I really enjoy it. And wouldn’t trade it for a sunny day. Ever.

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