Epic Traffic Systems Review

Three Experts. Three Days. Three Videos. THREE FREE LESSONS ON DOMINATING ONLINE TRAFFIC AND SALES. What more will follow? With the winds of an EPIC traffic storm blowing, what will it bring?

I know, I should have the movie announcer voice saying those phrases. It would make it a truly Epic blog post.

Before I let you know all the details, all I can say is these guys are the ROCKSTARS of the traffic and affiliate industry.

I found out about the June 15th product launch of Epic Traffic Systems, by Keith Baxter, Jon Shugart, and Joey Smith, and wanted to share a few things. The buzz about this launch is already everywhere, and from what I’m hearing, many think it will go down as the biggest
product launch in internet marketing history.

Ok, so what have they GIVEN us? Over 1 hour of FREE training. REALLY?!?!?! But that chance is gone, so I have a quick review of those videos (read on, and you may find a surprise!).

Day 1
Social Marketing Video with Joey Smith
So Twitter = an ATM? Looks like quite the possibility! 5 Steps laid out by Keith Baxter make it so easy that ANYBODY can score some sales on Twitter with this system. It was given to us for free…should you check it out now so you can get some of these going now? I think you should! Tweet up a sale or two!

Day 2
Organic Traffic with Keith Baxter
Wordpress = good rankings….yeah yeah we knew that. How about a way to setup micro sites and blog stuff to hit HUGE amounts of traffic? How about a FREE PLUGIN for WORDPRESS to help this? Get it here  This system may or may not be for everyone (I am going to do some research regarding this as it seems really cool). BUT, we got a list of plugins that every WP Blog needs. Also, we learned how to use the Google Wonder Wheel to set up your keywords, your categories, and your posts with some really rich entries. I was blown away by this module!

Day 3-
Paid Traffic with Jon Shugart
How do you get CPCs as low as 3 cents? Well, before I get to that let me just say that Jon is truly a ROCKSTAR. He hit out of the park with his last launch of KEYWORD ROCKSTAR. Now he has included some of those components in this Epic Traffic System. Today he showed the benefit of image ads versus straight out text ads on the Adwords network. He showed us how easy it was to put together multiple image ads (yes even if you are not a graphics person you can do this) to run them on the networks. THEN, they gave us the Epic Banner software Get it here to make those Google Adword sized banners quickly and easily.

There are more days to come. There is more training to come. These guys are tossing out some AWESOME free information that is only given in many HIGH priced courses. But you missed it. WELL NEVER FEAR. Today they said they have posted all three of those videos so you can catch up. There is more training coming up. I think you should check it out!
: Check it out here.  I am blown away at what has been previewed already! These guys are just handing out parts of their river of fortunes (made by multiple streams).

If you like what you see…maybe you might want to promote it to your list? If so…. Click here to get some details.
You may not end up on Branson’s island…but you may at least have some fun trying!

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