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Let Us Set Up And Manage Your PPC Campaign. We treat every campaign like it’s our own.

Google Search: When we set up a Google search campaign we start by doing keyword research to find over 100 highly targeted keywords that are proven to be more likely to buy. Next we create 200 ads. Two ads for each keyword. Then we create 100 capture pages for each keyword. After all that is done we turn on and our team monitors the account daily. During out daily monitoring we review and tweak click through rates, conversion rates, under performing keywords and lower the cost per click.

Google Image Ads: Image ads are a highly effective yet over looked pay per click startagie. With a image ad campaign we focus on finding 1,200 taragted keywords and run banner ads on sites using those keywords. Our results for our personal campaign are .53 leads.

Yahoo: We set up and montior yahoo campaigns the exact same way as google.

Bing: We set up and montior bing campaigns the exact same way as google and yahoo.

Youtube: This is our prized stratagy. Our youtube campaigns are by far our most effective adversting source in terms of return on investment. When setting up a youtube pay per click campaign we start by creating a compleing a direct response video to drive people to your site. Next we come up with 200 targated keywords to start. We then monitor and tweak your campaign exactly like google search. Our current results with youtube are .58 cent leads that convert 5% to sale.

Twitter: Imagine being able to automaticly reply to people when they post something on twitter. Well thats exactly what twitter pay per click does. So lets say someone posted something on their twitter account that said “I lost my stupid cell phone again” and you were in the business of selling phones. You could set up a automatic reply that says something like “Hey I saw you lost your phone. I can’t help you find it but I found a site that sells them cheap http://site.com” This is a very powerful and taragted stratagy.

To get a quote on any or all of these services simply click the get a quote button below and tell us exactly what you are looking for.

SEO : Search engine optimization is by far the best traffic on the web. Not only is it super targeted but its free.

This is not your typical serach engine optimization campaign. We have a very effective and stringent process. We start by finding 3,000 tarageted buyer keywords and then narrow that list down 5 heavly searched terms. When then create 6 wordpress websites around those keywords and then start our aggresive linking proccess.

If you would like for us to share our proccess in more detail click on the get a quote button below and we will set up a time to anazlize your needs, educate you on our system and put together a formal proposal.

To get a quote on any or all of these services simply click the get a quote button below and tell us exactly what you are looking for.



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