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YES! I know I know! Sounds obvious right!? But I will be giving you a couple tips that most are not giving. Read it and you will be pleased you did. Many leaders will tell you to Read Daily as a core to entrepreneur success. They are 100% correct by giving you that advice. You’ve probably heard that before, I’m going to go into more detail and break down this Entrepreneur success tip to further help you in your entrepreneur journey. Are you ready? I am and exited to share as these success tips changed my life and continue to do so.


Having to Read Daily was a big No No:

Firstly I want to let you know, I am someone that hated reading. I never read for fun and only read what I absolutely needed to whilst at school. The minimum I needed to pass an exam was fine with me. Today! I am someone that does read daily (WOOP WOOP) Exiting I know! How does someone go from hating something to loving it right!! I cannot tell ya! But just glad I now do enjoy reading.


This is purposeful focused thinking in where you engage your visual system! OK Fancy explanation out the way! It basically means focusing on the result which reading particular books would bring also known as Personal development. This is extremely effective and highly recommended.


There are a few reasons why you should do this and here is why:

Your ability to reach goals is based on who you are and who you become. Jim Rohn said it best: “To have more you need to become more” That is the holly grail of personal development. As you develop a goal in mind and understand that you will need to learn some things to get closer to that goal, the act of reading becomes easier as well as pleasurable.


Think of it this way!

Say! you are told to read some law books! We all know they are big, chunky and hard to read. Reading law books for recreation would be an absolute chore for most people. BUT!! The Law student! That has a goal of becoming a lawyer understands this rule! They understand that that book is a vehicle to get them closer to becoming a lawyer.

For those of you building teams this applies more so. Your team will grow as they watch you grow. As you develop more, your wisdom, skill, philosophy etc will develop. The more you grow the more you are able to help others grow. In business this is a must! For you to flourish your staff or team need to also flourish.


On the flip side to that! If you don’t read daily or focus on positive personal development it can have an adverse effect. Many assume that by watching junk on tv and listening to crap on the radio that it is doing no harm. These things are being dripped into your subconscious programming and over time will determine your automatic response to things and situations.

I know this first hand! I was a moody person, negative and had a really bad temper. I spent years watching the news, crap tv and listening to music with foolish messages in it as many people do. A few years ago! I made a conscious decision to be very selective of what I’m exposed to.. I rarely watch tv, news and listen to the foolish rap music about this (this guy has a gun and passed a woman around to his homies) you know the type!!!


These things affected the way I reacted to things and cleaning these from my life has ultimately made me a calmer more positive person.

What you expose yourself to can determine your philosophy:

A big one is what people say “money is the root of all evil” The amount of times I heard this from people it’s hilarious. They will argue it comes from the bible, although the bible does not say that: It does say “the love of money is the root to all evil” Which ultimately means – if you put the love of money above other things then that would be considered wrong.

These mis-interpretations have affected many people even without them knowing. They will demonise rich people, as they hold a belief that people became rich by some sort of sinister act or conning some people. Most of you reading this won’t have this mindset as you are further down the personal development journey than most. But we need to take time and realise there are many that still do hold negative connotations towards wealth and those that attain true monetary wealth. They won’t admit it, and ironically are some of those that say stuff like “money is not everything” which I agree – although they are the ones that keep playing the lotto in the hope they can strike it lucky and get rich! I find this hilarious…

The books, magazines out there, the media and the way in which these messages are shared to society are very powerful. Here is an example of one of many:



John C Maxwell is one of the foremost experts on Leadership today. If you’ve never heard of him definitely check him out. I heard a story of Johns therapist asking him a question. That question was as follows:

“John! How did you get so wealthy, what’s your secret?”

His response: I made a decision and a commitment. The decision was made when he was 18 years old and that was that he would, Read for an hour, Listen for an Hour and think for an Hour daily. The commitment was to simply stick with the decision.

Best way I can describe that is getting married is a decision and staying married is a commitment.

He shared that after a year there was not much difference, after two he noticed a small change. After 5 years a more significant difference. After 10 year a substantial difference and beyond that a difference so big that the people he grew up with could not comprehend how powerful he had become.

Making a decision and a commitment to read daily will absolutely change your life like you cannot fathom today. It will not be a huge difference at first! Although over time you and others will notice the change in you. I have not been doing it as long as John C Maxwell or many other leaders… although I can say I have noticed a change in myself and others have also mentioned a difference in me also… I made a decision too and so far am sticking to that commitment. The only way is improvement from this day forward.


This is a quick tip I will close with. When you set your decision to read daily and build on your personal development. Make sure to make it something you know you can be committed too. It is useless making a decision to read a book in a day! This is possible although definitely not realistic to maintain daily. You need to live life and add your personal development into your life not to take over. Reading a book a day is fine if you are taking a day off. So what about the other days! When you are working, taking care of your children, doing recreational stuff you enjoy etc.

Make is a bite size decision so it won’t be a chore to maintain it. That could mean! Read 10 pages of a book a day! Or read for 30 minutes a day! Very doable and not overwhelming. The secret here is to stay committed and do it daily or every other day. Consistency is the key.

It is easy to set big unrealistic goals, what most people do not do is stay committed to those goals big or small. Give up after a few months, years as they do not see substantial results. A great book that covers this topic is by Jeff Olson ‘The Slight Edge’ I highly recommend you read this book or buy the audio cd. I have both and enjoy them very much.


Set aside 100% focused time to work on your personal development daily or at the least every other day. You can chose what works for you. Whether that’s reading books, listening to audio etc.

Make a decision and decide to stay committed to that decision. Jim Rohn once said “What’s easy to do, is easy not to do” Making a decision is the easy part, sticking to it is what will take all your internal energy. Finally as you make your decision make one you know you can stick too.

Make it manageable so it does not become overwhelming as you maintain your commitment.


To your Success and Prosperity


Empowering You

Team Dynamic Co Founder

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