Email Marketing Terminology and Why You Need To Know

Part of becoming competent in anything is learning the tools of the trade and what everything means so you will understand. If you have been involved with a web business then you remember what it was like coming across one term after another. You will need to have an optin box so you can create subscribers and turn them into warm prospects. There is a lot to know about email marketing, for example, so you can proceed from a position of basic understanding. If you do not understand email marketing and readers, then you can make the wrong choices in many ways.

The expression, above the fold, is not unique to email marketing but is still relevant in certain situations. So look at a site, any site, and without scrolling down the page at all you will be viewing above the fold on that site. What you will need to do is keep your optin box, for filling out contact information, above the fold on your site. WordPress designs their blogs so the optin box is automatically kept in the top right area. As you can imagine, doing this will make your optin box in the site of people when they are on each page. The one deviation is for people run Adwords or other PPC like at Bing, and then it needs to be much lower in order to avoid problems with quality score. It you own a Google email address, you might have seen some of your needed emails in your spam folder.

Those emails are not intended to be spam. Quite frankly, many of them might be subscriptions that you have been waiting for. Spam filter software never seems to work at a 100% level of success. When this situation occurs, this is known as a false positive. This is due to the fact that the spam filter was was picking up email that was not spam. As a matter of fact, this happens all of the time. If you fail to get an email, then check your spam filter folder. Because false positives happen all of the time, you should not forget to view emails with a spam filter. In addition, tell your subscribers to make sure that your address is white listed.

This is a term that you will not have to see a lot of times. But, is is considered a part of email marketing, so you should know all about it. The house list is any email list that is built by the marketer or person who created it. Of course, it is normally based upon permission, unless the marketer is known as a spammer and got the addresses in the wrong way. Then, the spammer would have his own house list. So, the terms still exists. So, get busy producing a house list for yourself.

Email marketing is like all else in business in which perfection never happens. All those rates and percentages are metrics that will just about never be perfect. Do not be satisfied with average results because you can find a way to improve everything if you are willing to make the effort. Work on creating a good and solid relationship with your readers, and that will take you places if you get it right.

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