Effective Ways To Decrease Your Bounce Rate Quickly!

Content is Queen, King, Prince, God or whatever . Without content you cannot gain anything . A Blog without good content cannot decrease their bounce rate . Whenever you write an article never just write it simply to increase your post number, write an article to get maximum attention from other and put your soul in it .

Awesome Content should also have the power to hold the visitors at your blog . This doesn’t mean you should write very very lengthy posts, write a post with a medium length of about 600-900 words . Thats the average .

And content doesn’t mean some articles that are already discussed in top sites and you just cover the topics written in other websites in another style of writing !

Sometimes , even if you write a good post , you might not get enough exposure for that post ! Maybe , its just because you mistyped the title . Always , use words that people are searching for in your title ! We should grab the attention of the visitors by giving an awesome attention grabbing title which compells the visitor to read about it .

So , if you have many posts and all of them have simple title , you cannot keep the visitors in your website . But dont write misleading titles . Because , the readers might think they have been misleaded and they might never come back to your website thinking of Fraud activities by you !


For getting a lesser bounce rate , you should never make the readers bored . Never make them even think of closing this tab . Readers generally feel bored when they finish reading articles . Do not make them bored .

So , Add a related posts widget just at the ending of the posts so that no one will think of any other things in their mind rather than choosing another post to read from the related posts widget/plugin .

For getting , maximum visitors through related posts you should have attention grabbing title as we discussed above ! If You don’t have this widget , then even if you do the other two strategies , your bounce rate will still be the same !

Advertisements add beauty to your pocket , but it doesn’t add beauty to your blog if there are too many intrusuve ads . Advertisement can get you money , but to decrease bounce rate you will have to decrease the number of advertisements .

Too many advertisements can result in people hating your blog and they will just do anything to leave your website/blog . The numbers of Ads at My Blogger Tricks is very high ! Thats the reason i hate MBT ‘s layout , but their content is just awesome or sometimes its the best !

Nobody likes to move like a tortoise . Even the bloggers today are simply going behind the money doing anything to get money . I don’t understand why these people are still chasing this piece of paper in 2013 . Everybody wants to move fast and everybody values each second of their life  .

So , to not lose these visitors you should have a good theme for your WordPress Blog or a Good and Responsive Template for Blogger Blogs . A Fast and responsive  theme should have all the features for the readers to navigate easily . Me myself , have stopped visiting some websites just because of too much advertisements and a shabbily designed theme .

So , Bounce Rate should be considered seriously by every blogger and they try to decrease their bounce rate using some of the methods listed above . Do you have some other methods ? Then you can share it with us through the comments !

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