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Finally linking up with one of my favourite bloggers & fellow canadian, Amanda  for #ThinkingOutLoud.

I love that this post is about random thoughts because sometime organizing my rambles into readable material is exhausting. Creative writing was never one of my strong subjects in high school nor was math. Math sucks.

– > Me and mind cannot stay out of the kitchen lately. I’m going to be honest and say that I usually don’t follow recipes because I like creating my own but recently that hasn’t been the case. I received the “Against All Grain” cookbook for christmas and it is simply fantastic! I made a batch of her vanilla bean coconut coffee creamer last night and it is to die for. Not that I needed another reason to drink more coffee.. I remember there was once a time where I was a total coffee snob and would only drink lattes from Starbs. Myself and my wallet are thankful that habit changed!

– > First time trying out Original Joe’s on Monday.. Honestly I know why I don’t eat out that much. Restaurant food is really NOT that great. The drinks were sub-par [nothing like my beloved Cactus Club] and they were ALL garnished with cranberries.. What up wit dat?

– > Things that I feel will not make one happy:
– trying to be someone else
– trying too hard to impress people
– putting other people down
– taking advantage of someone
..All things that I’ve seen happen this week. Boo! People suck sometimes.

– > I don’t know what is up with me but lately but I have been going to bed with my mind over whelmed with thoughts of the future. I have been thinking really hard about going to back to school. Currently I am taking Natural Nutrition online but my heart really wants to finish Nursing. I took my first year of Nursing when I was 17, straight out of high school and unfortunately it just wasn’t the right time. I did some volunteer First Aid work the other weekend and it reminded me why I wanted to get into health care.

– > If you have NOT gone and seen “The Wolf of Wall Street” yet, get your buns to the theatre ASAP. I’ve been kind of dis heartend by the movies I’ve gone and seen lately but this one totally redeemed the theatre experience. And Leo oh my god.. like a fine wine, he has only gotten better with age. I wonder how old he was in the Titanic annnd I wonder how old he is now. Irrelevant.


2% greek with figs on the bottom. UM yes please. The sugar content actually wasn’t that bad and it was freaking delicious. This my little bedtime blog treat topped with crushed almonds + pecans. I should also note that this is the first time I’ve bought flavoured greek yogurt in probably a year. Another proud moment. Food Freedom baby.

– > And finally.. I got some mail today! I love getting mail.. that isn’t bills. I recently signed up for Foodie Pen Pals  and am beyond exciting to get my package.

I was sent this new Sally Hansen product to demo and write a review. Please note that this product was sent to me at no-charge and I was not compensated for my time.

I don’t paint my nails too often mostly because A) I’m quite terrible at it and B) I’m super impatient. I always smudge them before they dry, and then try and paint over the smudge’s because I’m lazy and then try to remove with nail polish before it’s dry and we all now how much of a disaster that turns out to be.

I managed to do an alright job this time though.

The Brush – they have changed up the shape and it works wonders on my ridiculously small nails.

The Dry Time: They dried pretty fast for having put on three coats. Didn’t even smudge em’

The Colours: I don’t usually buy Sally Hansen because I feel like they’re kinda behind the times on colour schemes. These one are cute, funky and modern.


Having to put on 3 coats – ain’t no body got time of dat

Since I did not have to purchase them I’m not too sure what these bad boys are like for price wise but all in all it’s a good product that I would most likely purchase in the future!

Do you prefer sweetened or plain greek yogurt?

What is your favourite place to eat/drink out?

Have you changed your program of study or career path?

Do you get your nails done at salon or home?

Thanks Amanda for hosting the link-up. Check out her site to see what’s on other bloggers minds

eatsfromtheoilpatch ♥

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