Easy Changes to Improve My Golf Swing

Easy Changes to Improve My Golf Swing

Easy Techniques I Used to Improve My Golf Swing

Currently, one of my obsessions in life is to improve my golf swing. I understand that I will probably never be anywhere near as good as a professional golfer, but I study their style and strategies just the same. In addition, I also like to study golf statistics and I try to use that information to improve my golf swing. Occasionally it works, and sometimes it winds up being worthless trivia.

As an example, are you aware that the majority of the finest scratch golfers worldwide miss an average of six greens in any given round? That is one in 3, perhaps it’s just me, but that number doesn’t sound that great to me. And as I ponder that statistic, maybe it will be possible for me to be a decent golfer.

As you are probably aware, to have a great golf game, you have to have a good short game. This is evidenced by the fact that all the pros have really good short games. But to do well on the green, I first need to get my ball somewhere near the pin. And in order to get my ball on the green, I need to improve my golf swing.

I’ve used a number of methods to improve my golf swing. The first thing I’d tell you is to take some lessons. It is the one thing I found to significantly improve my golf swing, and my game in general. You would probably be surprised at the number of people who believe that they can learn the game on their own, without the assistance of a good instructor. But if want to be a good golfer and really improve your game, you absolutely need a good instructor to show you the fundamentals.

Many folks informed me that I could improve my golf swing by employing correct swing mechanics and overcoming golf swing inertia. But, because I was so new to the game, I had no clue what they meant. The key to a good golf game is to find an easy technique that works for you and practice, practice, practice.

I was also able to improve my golf swing by videotaping my swing and then playing it back in slow motion. This was very painful to watch at first, but it isolated many of my problem areas pretty quickly. You can also upload the video to the internet and post it on some of the large golf forums to get specific advice from more experienced players.

If, you are reading this and thinking, I want to improve my golf swing, there are really only 3 basic rules: Practice – Practice – Practice.

After contacting a local pro and getting some lessons under your belt,, and with some practice, I was able to improve my golf swing and take 7 strokes off my golf scores in less in less than seven days. Want to know how? Visit Improve My Golf Swing

The correct posture can improve your golf swing; get expert tips on the proper golf posture and stance in this free golfing lesson on video. Expert: Bryan Pemberton Bio: Bryan Pemberton is a PGA Class A Golf Professional. He played in the PGA Nissan LA Open Qualifier Nike Tour for 4 years. In 1991 he was the NCAA All American at USC. Filmmaker: Robert Yoshino
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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