Don’t Forget To SEO Your Blogs As Well

Why you shouldn’t forget to use SEO on your blogs
Posted: Friday 13th May 2011

Blogs have become so much a part of the Internet scenario today, that you are considered old fashioned and outdated if you are not a member of the blogging club. While it was conceived as an online journal meant for personal use and entertainment earlier, the concept has taken a whole new meaning in the 21

century. Blogs are being seen as a path to popularising online businesses by ambitious webmasters, who view them as useful marketing tools.

You do not need any special skills in writing to start up a blogging website. As a business owner, the skills that you actually need are, the creation of back links and their appropriate placement on external websites and blogs, navigating the virtual world, and the like. Where blogs are concerned, you just need to ensure that they are search engine optimised.

Identify your target audience and come up with some articles that can appeal to them. You have to pen your thoughts on certain topics that deal with the products or services offered by your website. Your content has to be rich in key words, so that search engines find your blogs easily. Let us offer you some tips on how to make your blogs search engine optimised, so that they become effective tools for your online business.

(1)   Do you think people have the time to comprehend a blog that seems to meander without any particular destination? They will decide that you have put down random thoughts during one of your idle moments, and walk away. This would be acceptable in a journal, but not in a serious place like an online shop.


Therefore, get a theme together, first. Then, create a number of articles centered on that theme. Though separate, they will bind together as a cohesive whole, making it easier for search engines to find your blogs. Do not fill your posts with a large number of key words; they should be in the correct proportion. Search engines are not going to welcome blogs that seem to concentrate more on key words, and less on the topic concerned. A theme that you know a lot about, and which interests you, should be your first priority.


(2)   Now, do not write a few blog posts and relax, thinking that your work is over and done with. In fact, this is just the beginning. Blogs are easy to create, and so the World Web is full of them. Search engines are always on the lookout for fresh content. The more you provide, the higher you will go up in their estimation. So keep the posts coming on a regular basis. Your blog posts have to be constantly updated. Once the search engines realise that you are regular writer, they will always give priority to your outpourings first and reward you with good page rankings.


(3)    Another method to increase your page rankings, is via the placement of back links. SEO professionals state that blogs are making it easier to place links and connect up with people. Exchange your links with fellow bloggers. Take their links, and give yours in return. You gain a dual advantage. When search engines discover that a great number of inbound links are connected with your key words, they will automatically raise your ranking status. After all, so many individuals have testified that your writings are worth reading, by clicking on your links.


Secondly, when you read and reply to posts put up by others, you are going to place your links with your replies too. Your readers will know where to go for extra information regarding a particular topic. They will create additional links, pointing towards your website. And there you have it; your traffic has increased by leaps and bounds.


(4)   Finally, after you have come up with a theme for your blog, figure out a URL that contains key words related to your theme. Even the name of your blog should reflect your theme. For instance, let us suppose that your niche is furniture polishing. Then, your URL could show up as

. The title of your article could read as: Giving Your Furniture That Extra Shine, or Great Polishing Helps Your Furniture Speak for Itself.


It does not matter if you are using a free blog site or your own domain name; the rules remain the same. If there are categories listed on the host site where you are putting up your blog posts, place your article in the right category. It is easy for the search engines to comprehend your theme and the related key words. These small details can go a long way in taking you to the top in SERPs. Only, give yourself a few weeks to get there; do not expect immediate results.





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