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Hi, and welcome to my Best Gaming Mouse Guide Dot Com website, where I’ve looked at the best gaming mice out there on the web for you.

I’ve found the cheapest prices online, and incorporated them into the most in depth gaming mouse reviews that you can find anywhere on the web, and reading them will save you hours of web hunting and page reading. You are literally one click away from choosing the best gaming mouse for your needs.

There are so many gaming mice out there and tons of features to choose from, so how do you know that you are getting the best gaming mouse? The best gaming mouse will improve your precision and reaction time in games. Your performance in your game will be improved with the best gaming mouse. If you are a regular gamer, you will spend several hours a week using your gaming mouse. Comfort is a key component in finding the best gaming mouse. You also don’t want a bad mouse making you lose your concentration.

In the last few years due to the popularity of PC gaming, there are tons of gaming mice out there. There have also been a lot of technological advances in the mice as well. There are optical mice that have gotten rid of the old roller ball. There are wireless mice that give you way more freedom to move the mouse than ever before. Both of these mice have become way better at responsive time. Mice now cost up to $100 or more. That’s a lot of money to end up unhappy with your mouse’s performance. So how do you choose the best gaming mouse?

I have made a top five list of the best gaming mouse contenders and reasons they are the best along with the current price information. When trying to find the best gaming mouse, there are many features to look at. These best gaming mouse features will be explained after the list. After reading this you will be a best gaming mouse expert, ready to shop with the knowledge to find the best gaming mouse and not have any salesperson to talk you into a pricy model. Ready?


1.Logitech G9X Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse with Precision Grips

This is the absolute best gaming mouse on the market especially for the low price it is. It has one of the best laser sensors with up to 5700 DPI sensitivity. The best thing about the mouse is the customization. It comes with two interchangeable grips, the wide-load and the precision. It has aweight tuning system that you use to make the mouse as heavy or as light as you would like. It lets you choose from a wide spectrum of LED lights the mouse will light to make the mouse look how you want. It also has movement correction that you can turn on or off. The price of the mouse is $59.99 on Amazon.com.

2. SteelSeries Xai High Performance Laser Gaming Mouse (Black)

This mouse looks simple, but it is considered a best gaming mouse contender. It has a comfortable shape, precise tracking, gold-plated USB connectors, and a LCD menu system on the back of the mouse so you can configure the mouse without a driver. You can customize the sensitivity, acceleration, prediction, polling rate, and any other setting you can think of. It has four side buttons that you can customize as well. It can be used by left handers as well. The only down side is the price, $89.99 at shop.steelseries.com.

3. Razer Deathadder

This is one of the most popular gaming mice as well as a best gaming mouse contender on the market. It features ergonomic right-handed design that provided comfort for extended gameplay. It has a 3500dpi Razor Precision 3.5G infrared sensor and 1000Hz Ultrapolling technology that gives you a 1ms response time. It also has one of the lowest prices of $49.99 at amazon.com. Some drawbacks are that the mouse is pretty large and won’t work well for people pick up the mouse to reposition it.

4.Logitech MX 518 High Performance Optical Gaming Mouse (Metal)

This is a six year old mouse that is still outselling all the mice on this list. It is considered the best gaming mouse on the market by some people. It has buttons to switch the dpi instantly, a comfortable grip, and glides smoothly. There are eight programmable buttons for more control and efficiency. The only reason it ranks low is because it only supports the 125 Hz polling rate and always has angle snapping, but it still is one of the options for best gaming mouse.

5. Cyborg R.A.T. 9 Gaming Mouse for PC

This is a pricey model, $129.99 at amazon.com, but is well worth the money. It has a 1ms response time. It is adjustable to fit any hand size and a thumb panel that adjusts forward, backwards, and outwards. It also has a custom weight system to make the perfect weight and feel. Performance wise it has a twin eye 5600 DPI laser, precision aim mode to hit your target the first time every time, five programmable buttons, and four custom DPI settings. It is viable contender for best gaming mouse. If you have the money to spend it is the best gaming mouse, but went down a few notches on price alone.

Important Features

When playing games, a mouse turns into your PC controller. But what makes a gaming mouse any different than a regular mouse? How will I know which is the best gaming mouse out of thousands? Here are some of the features that set apart a gaming mouse from a regular mouse and should be compared in gaming mice to find the best gaming mouse

Weights – The weight of your mouse is crucial when it comes to gaming. Some of the best gaming mice come with weight systems so you can physically add or subtract weights from the mouse to make it heavier or lighter. You will notice a difference in how you play depending on the weight. The best gaming mouse will suit your needs on weight.

Programmable Memory – It is so important for a gamer that uses different computers to play or just wants a for sure backup if they ever lose their saves on their computer. The best gaming mouse will have an onboard memory that lets the gamer create their own file and save directly to the mouse. The mouse will also be able to remember the settings that player sets. Some mice even offer more than one. Memory is definitely important for a best gaming mouse.

DPI – This is the dots per inch. It refers to how sensitive the mouse is to movement. The higher the DPI, the more sensitive it is. The best gaming mouse will have a high DPI. This is one of the most important features to look for to find the best gaming mouse. To break it down, let’s say the mouse has 500 DPI. This means that for every inch the mouse is moved, it is moved 500 pixels. Some gaming mice even let you adjust the DPI instantly without moving your hand from the mouse! The highest DPI that a mouse has had in 4,000!

Polling Speed – This is the speed the computer takes to register the movement of the mouse. Gaming mice have 1000 hertz; average mice 500 hertz. As with the DPI, the higher the polling speed the better the mouse is and the best gaming mouse will have well over 1200 hertz.

Programmable Buttons – A gaming mouse has more buttons to press than an average mouse that usually has two. These extra buttons can do anything the player wants them to do. They are the player’s quick shortcuts so that they don’t have to click on the keyboard constantly and take their focus of the game. The best gaming mouse for you will have many of these buttons.

IPS – This is inches per second. Mice with an optical or laser sensor have a maximum speed that if reached they will lose the ability to track a movement. If you exceed this, the mouse cursor will be jerky or may skip across the screen. This is important for people that are playing with low DPI and for people who tend to move the mouse very fast. To get the best gaming mouse, you will need to find a mouse with a high IPS.

Looks – Some gamers like for their mouse to have a style about them. There are some mice with contoured grips and metal that makes the mouse just look cool. Then there are some with LED lights that flash, glow, or anything you want them to do in any color you can think of. While looks can be something that you may thing is important, it definitely doesn’t mean that if a mouse looks cool it is the best gaming mouse ever.

Wireless vs. Wired

When you see all the gaming mice out there, you will see about an equal amount of mice with and without wires. Which is the best gaming mouse for you? Is there really a difference? There definitely was a difference when wireless came out. They couldn’t perform as great as the wired in the context of performance like DPI. Wired was definitely the best gaming mouse. But now they are equal on the performance level. So, let’s look at the main differences that will help you decide which way to go.

One of the main reasons to get a wireless mouse is maneuverability. It is so frustrating to get your mouse wire caught on something and having to stop the game to fix it. Sometimes getting the wired caught can be deadly in games. With a wireless, no tails, no problems. Another reason gamers like wireless is the distance factor. Some gamers like use a big flat screen TV as their monitors. If that TV is far away from your desk, then a wireless mouse is a must. However, some wired mice offer chords that are longer than normal. So at this point, you are thinking a wireless is the best gaming mouse. Well, here are the downsides.

A downside to wireless mice is that they usually cost more than a wired mouse. Another downside is that you have to charge these. Nothing is more annoying than being in the middle of your game and realizing that your mouse is about to go dead. Then it is a mad scramble to plug it in before it dies. Sometimes, you won’t even get a warning and it will just die. This can be avoided if you charge your mouse on a regular basis and change the batteries ever once in a while. Also if your wireless mouse has a low IPS, then your mouse cursor could jump across the screen or appear jumpy.

At the end of the day, they both have a lot of features in common. The differences are not a big deal, but the downsides can be aggravating. It is really up to you to decide which one is your best gaming mouse. There is nothing too horrible about either one to count it out completely. Just try them both out, if you can. There is no better mouse, just a less frustrating one.

The best gaming mouse is really all up to you. How you play will decide the best gaming mouse. You should just try out a few and see which one you like better. The best gaming mouse doesn’t cost a lot of money or have to impress everyone. The best gaming mouse just has to let you be the best you can at the game of your choice.


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