Commitment to R&D;

KLG Systel strongly believes that continuous innovation through Research and Development is the only way for compounded growth. KLG is a proactive knowledge based company that is continuously engaged in ‘over the horizon’ R&D; to enhance its software & consulting offerings. An important focus area of the company’s research efforts is to customise software applications as per the needs of various client oganisations. A concerted R&D; effort ensures that the company’s solutions and services are the most effective solutions in the short and long terms. Some of the key areas of Research are:

  • Web Enabled – Collaborative Engineering
  • Real Time Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Genetic Algorithms and their application in Manufacturing Industry
  • Knowledge Discovery in Databases using Data Mining, Statistics, Expert Systems and Visualisation
  • Development of template for Real Time Fault Diagnostics of process plants. This is under implementation in a major petroleum refinery in India
  • Development of Neural Network based Steel Plant Optimisation model.
  • Development of links between ERP software and MES software
  • KLG has various strategic alliance partners, all renowned in their respective areas and the technologies are continuously adapted with help from these partners.

All this research keeps KLG miles ahead of its competitors and also allows the company’s clients to race ahead. The company has intensified efforts in R&D; by setting up a team for development of new technologies and products. The Company has also procured software tools (and trained engineers for using these) from world leaders in their respective fields to make it a world-class software development organization. The bottom line – businesses transformed to optimise their life cycle operations most cost effectively, with full support & training from KLG.

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