Power Systems

OTI is one of the recognized power system solution providers in the global market. www.etap.com
Relationship with KLG Systel: KLG Systel provides fully integrated enterprise solutions for continuous monitoring, simulation and optimization of entire power system in diversified disciplines such as generation plants, distribution system & industrial facilities.


IBM is one of the prominent technology providers in the areas of energy management. www.ibm.com
Relationship with KLG Systel: KLG Systel, a premier level IBM partner, provides integrated Energy Management solutions “VIDUSHI” (developed on IBM Websphere & DB2 platform) that helps in reducing technical & financial losses in power distribution.

Manitoba HVDC Research Centre

As part of the Manitoba Hydro family, the 4th largest utility in Canada, the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre performs innovative research and development in HVDC and power electronic technologies, instrumentation, and simulation. www.hvdc.ca
Relationship with KLG Systel: Manitoba & KLG work jointly in addressing the requirements of Power System Simulation, studies, and model development with particular emphasis on HVDC, FACTS, and Custom Power applications.

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