Business Focus

The technology solutions offered by KLG Systel align with the different stages of the ‘life cycle’ of any large organisation. Embodying the KLG Systel vision, the company’s business is divided in the following Strategic Business Units (SBUs) to enable it to cater to the specific functional and strategic needs of the industry.

Business Life Cycle Solutions

Right from Concept and Creation, through Plant Design, Project Execution and Management Operations & Optimisation, to Expansion/ Revamp encompass:

  • Computational Engineering and Sciences
  • Enterprise Project Management
  • Automation and Manufacturing
  • Enterprise Business

Power System Solutions

KLG has evolved as one of the key players in the Indian Power Industry enabling the ailing utilities to understand, rectify and meet the challenges of the complex power transmission and distribution system.

  • Distribution Management Solutions – SG61 Technology
  • Revenue Management Operations – Vidushi
  • Engineering Procurement Construction
  • Utility Distribution Franchising
  • Demand Response –

These SBUs are structured in such a manner that they are able to leverage on each other’s technology building blocks. This helps to optimize utilization of technical resources and leveraging complementary technology to a customer’s advantage. KLG Systel’s strong focus on the infrastructure sector has yielded a sustainable growth to the company and helped it in moving up the value chain in the IT enabled business solutions space. The company aligns its business strategies with the fundamental economic and growth trends in the country.

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