A Creative Affiliate Marketing Strategy

A lot of people try to hit daily targets with their affiliate marketing. Whether it’s $100, $150, $200 or $250 a day – it’s very common to see people trying to reach daily goals like this.

So I thought I’d tell you a story about a creative way I made a steady $250 a day.

First of all it’s important to remember that a creative affiliate = a rich affiliate. Keep this in mind as we go through the rest of this example.

Step 1:

Sign up as an affiliate of an online casino. These guys have a long term business model so they can afford to pay you good money for getting new customers.

Most online casinos will pay you according to two payment plans:

1. Revenue share: you keep around 40% of all the revenue that the Casino makes from your referred players. This applies for the lifetime of the player. This is a great option to choose if you can get your Casino affiliate links in front of any high rollers.

2. CPA model: you can get paid a one-time fee upfront for every new player you sign up. This can be as high as $400 per each new player you sign up. I usually work with this model.

Step 2:

Trying to advertise a casino online is a tough job. It’s a high-paying niche so there is a lot of competition.

This is where creative affiliate marketing comes into play.

I started off by researching which casino games are the most popular. It would have to be a game which was easy to understand and very easy to get started with. It turns out that the most popular casino game is roulette.

Of course! Roulette is fairly easy to understand, even for beginners. You spin the wheel and if the ball stops on your chosen square, you win money.

My research also showed me that people are always looking for roulette strategies.

Great! Remember the Internet is all about people looking for information. If you can provide the information they are looking for then you’re set.

So next I researched a few roulette strategies. I took detailed notes on the top 4 strategies. Then I turned each set of notes into my own mini roulette guide. I made sure I made each guide out in a step-by-step format. This makes them easy to follow.

Each of the roulette guides looked like this:

– Intro
– Step by step explanation of the roulette strategy
– My casino affiliate link with a call to action so that the reader signed up to the casino

Each of these 4 guides was around 8 to 12 pages long. They were literally short and to the point.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to get my roulette guides out into the open. I did this in four ways:

1. I sold each of the guides on eBay. I started them off with a very low price, to encourage sales. I also gave each buyer a reseller license. This meant they could also sell my roulette guides and my casino affiliate links would spread.

2. I searched eBay for one of those e-book compilation CDs. This way you can get your hands on 500 ebooks. When it arrived I unzipped each of the 500 ebooks and added my 4 roulette strategy guides in them. Then I zipped them all back up. Then I simply sold those cd’s onwards, with reseller licenses. Now you have some serious viral momentum spreading your affiliate links!

3. I uploaded my ebooks to a few file sharing networks (peer to peer, torrent sites, ebook resources etc). I was getting a lot of good traffic this way as well. That meant a few thousand dollars a month.

4. This tool a little extra work, but I actually created my own individual sites which sold these roulette guides for a varying fee. I found that if you charge people to buy a roulette guide from you, they are much more likely to use your affiliate link in the guide.

Believe me you can make good money if you put this into practice for yourself. The example above was done back in the day when eBay allowed digital downloads.

But with a few tweaks you can still use this strategy today on multipe websites. And remember that you are not limited to promoting online casinos either. Get creative!

You can promote any affiliate program with this technique and you can make an easy 4 figures a month like this.


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